Jim Brokish
PSD School Board

As your school board representative, I will work tirelessly to ensure our district is a vibrant place of learning and belonging for all students.


I will work to:

  1. Improve support for teachers to enhance effective classroom learning      

  2. Promote equity: basic skills for every student and enhanced learning for each student's strengths                                      

  3. Increase excellence in our renowned but stretched school system.

Meet jim

I'm Jim Brokish (BROKE-ish).  I’ve lived in Fort Collins 42 years, and all three of my children received a great education in the Poudre School District. 


My 34-year career was mainly in Management at HP.  My skills are listening to draw out the best goals and plans, and then providing leadership to achieve objectives through rational thinking and influence.

What I Value




"I've known Jim for years as a neighbor, friend, and parent.  He exemplifies thoughtful reflection, kindness, and patient deliberation on complex issues.  I know he'll be a thoughtful voice on PSD school board."


"Jim is a huge supporter of education.  As volunteer head of the Exhibits Committee for Discovery Science Center Museum, Jim recruited and led a team that developed world-class exhibits for hands on learning.  The many field trips from PSD and the amazement on the faces of the students are testaments to his success."

- Dee Wanger

Jim and I worked together for years at Hewlett Packard where he earned a reputation for integrity, teamwork, and getting things done. As a prior PSD School Board member, I believe that these qualities will prove invaluable to the school district.  I heartily endorse Jim."

- Daryl Knoblock